Why UX

Understanding your user and the journey they wish to take through the website is essential. But Why?

Remember, you are not your end user. Understanding the end user ensures that the website and the experience you provide will help them get to their end destination faster, with minimal frustration. In a world where users will leave a website if the page hasn’t loaded within 3 seconds, User Experience (UX) has never been so important to understand and get right.

User Experience forms the plan and the structure for both engaging & functional web design. Without a plan in place and understanding what your user is doing, as well as why they are doing it, leaves gaps in the way your website will perform and, in-turn, lead to a reduction in the amount of conversions you could receive.

We can understand the user by carrying out demographic and persona evaluations to create persona documents which help the User Experience experts see your website through the eyes of the user. Digging through the data and analysing the results helps us to gain real insight into what will work for your business and create the best journey for your users.

Data plays a large role in understanding how your website performs and plays into great UX. Data from sources such as surveys, NPS scores and Website Analytics helps us to create the 'what' behind UX. It tells a story of what is happening which is also known as the quantitative aspect of user experience.

User testing based on the personas and demographics studies that are carried out in the first phases of UX allows us to watch what the user does on the website, product, design, app or prototype and gives us the 'why' behind UX, also known as the qualitative aspect of user experience. It both confirms what we found out during the quantitative analysis and gives us the understanding of why your users are making the choices they are making. This takes away any assumptions we make as experienced web users and portrays a real insight into the actual users of your service and what they need from you.

There are many elements to User Experience which consist of, but are not limited to, Persona Creation, User TestingHeuristic Evaluation (Web Best Practice), Competitor Analysis and Analytics Analysis. Any one element on its own is beneficial to ensure a better website experience but using all elements together helps build a platform influenced by your user for your user.

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