Our Approach to SEO

Discover our approach to SEO and how we grow your 'digital footprint' to give you the organic growth you need.

SEO is an ever-changing process with Google themselves admitting to near daily tweaks and updates to the core algorithm. By using the data at our disposal from multiple sources, such as your web analytics and Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools, we can build a picture of what is required to help your website to grow. Through a carefully structured SEO review, we will identify any issues and plan just what we need to do, ensuring you have visibility of everything that could be holding you back as well as what is working.

Modern SEO is so much more than just trying to rank for a handful of keywords in the hope they bring traffic. The internet is huge and so is the potential of your website. By optimising your digital footprint, you can grow a stable site that will deliver traffic from a broad range of terms appealing to site users at all stages of the buying cycle.

We will always work with a 'white hat' first approach to our SEO. This means we will never do anything we deem to be unethical and against the guidelines provided by all the major search engines.

More traffic doesn’t necessarily mean more sales. However, more of the right traffic can instantly make all the difference to your business. Big Group Performance uses only the search terms that are highly relevant for your business to drive more of the right visitors to your website. By tailoring every page to satisfy your customers’ needs, we will create the seamless, enjoyable experiences that directly improve your Online ROI.

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