Blogging for SEO

Content is king on the internet! Develop high-quality blog content that targets your audience’s needs.

Blogging, when used effectively, can help support and deliver a successful SEO strategy.

In support of any SEO strategy, we can offer a blogging service. This could be as simple as suggesting content which is based on what people are searching for. Your search console data will tell us what your site is being found for and we can use this to spot gaps in your delivery for visitors.

Blogs managed in this way are great for growing your digital footprint and giving you an opportunity to develop targeted content that can be informative but a little less formal, allowing your personality and expertise to shine through.

If you are writing your own blogs, we can review your content to ensure it has the best chance to gain traction within the search engines, including adding unique meta data, url structure, internal linking and how best to handle links to external websites.

Alternatively, our Content Team are able to write blogs for you and will discuss the kind of topics and subject areas that you would like covered in your blogs.

Our Content Team are happy to review any blogs you have written to ensure they are on-brand, relevant and tied-in with your SEO and digital marketing strategy.

We can also research and discuss how frequently your blogs should be posted to ensure you get the maximum return.

If you’d like more information about our Blog services, please do get in touch today.

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