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Rainclear is one of the largest online stockists of metal rainwater systems in the UK, stocking cast iron, aluminium, galvanised steel copper and zinc. Offering both standard and bespoke guttering and downpipe systems to all nature of projects including conservation, new build and refurbishment for both domestic and commercial applications.


Rainclear have been using Paid Search to drive traffic to their website for many years and have always had a good return on investment using this marketing approach. Campaigns have been meticulously planned and analysed to ensure they consistently perform well and adjusted when needed.

Results from previous years’ have proven that the festive period is a notoriously slow time for this market segment. Rainclear decided to see if they could influence their revenue for 2019. After discussing various options, they decided to increase their budget to see if this would have a positive impact on their return on investment.


Previously, Rainclear’s budget had provided a strong return on investment. For the trial period, the budget was increased by 50% based on our research and analysis.

Our experienced team of analysts reviewed the historical data from all of the campaigns and identified areas where there were opportunities to increase the return via an increased budget. The best performing adverts based on revenue and seasonal trends were then selected to have their budgets increased.


The results proved that increasing the budget had improved performance and increased revenue however crucially for every £ spent on Paid Advertising a greater return was delivered than before (Return on Ad Spend – ROAS).

The Next Steps

In response to the positive results, Rainclear have now fixed their monthly budget at the increased level. Working together we are continuing to look for opportunities where they can maximise their revenue so that we can adapt and adjust budgets where the data suggests a positive return.

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