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As one of the first advertising platforms to pioneer programmatic native advertising, StackAdapt is a key player in helping brands accelerate customer acquisition through native content distribution. We firmly believe that content-driven advertising can be just as effective as search and social and, through sophisticated platforms like StackAdapt, we will show you how you can drive more customers at a lower cost.

At Big Group, we never start a paid search campaign without understanding everything there is to know about your audience. StackAdapt enables us to use machine learning to interpret what your target group is looking at, as well as predict who is most likely to become your next customer. With results generated and automated for you, you’re free to focus on your core role.

Remarketing is a powerful way to drive people back to your site and increase conversions. We can help you to create and distribute customised ads to those who have previously shown an interest in purchasing from you. We understand that you’re going to want to monitor the success of your campaigns as well and, thanks to StackAdapt’s conversion tool, we will be able to uncover every brand touchpoint from first click to conversion.

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