Programmatic Display

Making sure that your online advertising is reaching the right people, at the right time

We believe that programmatic display is fundamental to any paid search campaign. Why? Because it’s a sophisticated advertising format that allows you to target your audience at the right time, depending on where they are in the buying funnel.

When you can target people in real-time, just at the very moment they’re looking to buy your goods or services, the chances of making a conversion dramatically increase.

How does it work?

Programmatic Display uses computers and algorithms to determine who your audience is and when it’s the right time for them to see your message.

When a webpage is being loaded and has the space for an ad, information that has been gathered about the visitor and the context of the site they’re on is sent to an ad exchange. This space gets auctioned off to the highest bidder and their ad is placed in the space. It may sound complicated, but this is a process which is completed in milliseconds with no detriment to page loads times or user experience.

The benefits of Programmatic Display

  • You can target who sees your ads depending on age, gender, social standing and geographic location. You can also limit ads to only go out at certain times of the day and on pre-determined sites.
  • Targeting your audience in real-time delivers far more precise and personalised messages, resulting in more-efficiently targeted campaigns and less trial and error to find out the kind of ads that do or don’t work for your business.

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