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Founded in 1969 the Jardine Motors Group originated as a family-run dealership in East Anglia. Since then it has grown and today represents 20 manufacturers, operating in more than 70 locations across the UK and employing more than 3,600 staff. 


Jardine Motors Group had two separate, but linked, challenges around their existing CRM solution.

Their business challenges included the need to create a single view of each customer, becoming GDPR compliant and being able to market effectively to their customer base.

Secondly, their customers were receiving duplicate communications from multiple people across the business at the same time which they were unable to manage effectively. Additionally, the customer data they held on their systems was inconsistent.


Through information gathering and deep dive sessions into their 8 different existing CRM systems, Big Group Performance identified there were over 2 million records, which held different sets of data and included duplicates as the data sets were being stored differently in each existing CRM system.

Before the data could be moved into the final solution, it had to be cleansed to ensure the new CRM system would start with clean customer records and would be consistent. Informatica, a middle ware solution, was used to create the clean data. Rules were created for duplicates to ensure the most current data was used.

The last stage of the process was to implement Salesforce, Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud with a custom object model to fit the data requirements for Jardine Motors Group. A sophisticated preference centre was then implemented to manage over 160 communication preferences.


Jardine Motors Group now have an efficient, up to date, effective CRM system where they can view each customer across the 20+ brands and 70 locations. They are now legally GDPR compliant and can communicate to the right customer, at the right time with the right information. Their marketing activities are now streamlined and can be targeted to specific customers
depending on their requirements.

Customers are now able to have full control of how Jardine Motors Group communicates with them and with what information. Additionally, each customer has visibility of the data that is held on them by Jardine Motors Group. This change to how their data is stored and how they are communicated with, has improved customer experiences which is proven by the drop in number of customer complaints.

The Next Steps

Jardine Motors Group are continuing to streamline the CRM & MA system to add further business processes to increase effectiveness, efficiency and to continue to improve and enhance their customers experiences.

The Solution

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