H.R. Owen


PPC, Programmatic Display, Analysis


Established in 1932 in Mayfair, London, H.R. Owen is Britain’s leading luxury motor dealer and the world’s largest retailer that includes brands such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Maserati. 


When we met H.R. Owen in 2009, they were looking for ways to address a large volume of low quality, irrelevant online traffic. This traffic was resulting in high PPC costs, high bounce rates, and low enquiry rates. They needed to reach more of their niche target market of high net worth individuals at the right time with the right message. At the same time, we initiated an SEO strategy to deliver the right pages to the right person.


After a thorough strategic review of their online marketing and a detailed discussion about their business objectives and growth ambitions, we recommended improvements to their PPC advertising, added programmatic and data analysis to their marketing portfolio and also worked with them to improve website user experience (UX). This led to a deeper understanding of who a H.R. Owen customer was and how best to target them.


H.R. Owen now enjoy top ranking positions for the keywords and phrases that drive the right, but also high-quality, traffic to their website. Big Group Performance has driven down their cost per enquiry by 90% and traffic has increased by 566% without any additional car marques. In 2011, H.R. Owen celebrated a major online milestone; a brand new Bugatti was sold online to a previously unknown customer, proving without doubt the value of their new strategy. This has given us a solid bedrock enabling us to reliably plan new marketing benches.

“H.R. Owen as a brand is synonymous with quality so everything we do on and offline must represent excellence. Big Group Performance understand that and have proven time and again over the last 6 years that they are the right agency if quality matters. They work with us and our prestige car brands across the digital spectrum to develop strategy, increase enquiries leading to sales, advance business intelligence and reduce our cost per acquisition. It is a great partnership: I know digital both today and for the future, supporting our ambitions perfectly.”

H.R. Owen 

The Next Steps:

H.R. Owen are working hard towards an elusive, all-encompassing digital picture that encapsulates all online channels, activity and interactions, allowing greater forecasting and planning. Big Group Performance are delighted to continue working alongside H.R. Owen as they expand their digital presence into 2018 and beyond.

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