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What did we do? 

Baldwins are a well-known ‘go to’ online outlet for the apothecaries and herbalists. In the search results, Baldwins performs strongly for its brand name and product names and have a strong customer base of people that know exactly what they need. They have a strong online organic visibility of the products that they sell.

Even though Baldwins knew they had a strong existing customer base with a high return rate, they wanted to extend their visibility to a new customer segment; those customers who had not heard of the brand Baldwins but who had an interest in herbal remedies and natural products.

What the data established

To meet Baldwins’ objectives, Big Group first had to identify the areas of the organic traffic that were working well, which areas could be strengthened and what new areas could be implemented to drive new traffic to the site and add a new revenue stream from a new customer segment.

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Using the audit report conducted on the Baldwins website, Big Group were able to identify that the organic traffic growth strategy should focus on two areas; build and grow on the established organic visibility and also  widen the keyword scope to reach new potential customers online.

Identifying additional customer segment Insights

The Content Team also used the audit to research and identify additional customer segments representing two new reasons why people would visit Baldwin’s which would, if the strategy was correct, create a new customer base for Baldwins.

The two new reasons were:

Needs – People who know what they need but didn’t know the name of the specific product ingredients they would require to create the remedy. For example, we found that searchers used keywords around ‘natural remedy for dry cough’.

Occasion/Hobby – People who look for aromatherapy, candle making, soap making projects/kits etc.

Delivering results and moving forward

Baldwins have enjoyed the following results year-on-year Jan-June 2017 v 2016:

  • Organic Traffic Sessions (+32%) + 50,836 visitors
  • Organic Revenue (+32%) + £61,982
  • New Organic Users (+21%) + 35,100 new visitors

Baldwins have enjoyed an increase of traffic from a variety of new customer segments through the new content area. Through research and using demand-driven keywords, avenues have opened up to give them a new market for products which they previously would not have thought of.

Due to the ongoing success of the implementation of the content area, Baldwins are looking at re-categorising other sections within the website. Big Group are continuing to work on categories and infrastructure ideas which will strengthen the website further with stronger keyword hubs and new categories based on keyword research.

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