Augmented Reality (AR)

What is AR?

Often confused as being the same as Virtual Reality (VR), commercial Augmented Reality (AR) is uniquely different. VR transports a user into a new 3D world which they can interact in, whereas AR uses our current real life environment and then adds virtual layers and elements to it to create a new experience. Compared to VR, AR allows the user to have more freedom in the way that it is used. Although the technologies are similar, rather than competing against each other, they do complement each other.

How we use AR technology

Using Augmented Reality in retail environments is becoming more and more common as the retail industry looks to enhance their customers’ shopping experiences.

Our development team can build commercial AR retail experiences using the following technologies:

  • On iOS using ARKit – understanding planes, e.g. the floor and wall positions, then mapping a virtual object to it – the virtual world is 1:1 mapped to the real world.
  • On iOS or Android using AR Markers. We use Vuforia for this – loading objects to view on a marker – good for examining a virtual object such as an instore display, car, white good, even a 3D room scan from the 3D scanning we able to do.
  • On iOS sudo AR- using the position the phone or tablet is point as the camera position in a version or our VR environments – you don’t see the real world on the screen but the position of the devices in 3D space allows you to look around.

Utilising AR in retail can bring customers new experiences of a product, showing them how it can be used or the vision behind the product. The uses are only limited by our imagination and can bond a customer closer to a brand or product.

Ready to find out more about AR in retail?

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