3D Scanning

What is 3D Scanning?

3D Scanning digitally captures the size and shape of an object, an environment or even people, using laser lights by creating ‘point clouds’ on the surface of the object. Using this data, we can then replicate the object in the digital world as a 3-dimensional representation.

Why do we use 3D Scanning?

As part of our innovative retail experiences that we provide for our customers, 3D scanning is an invaluable extension to our services when completing our site surveys. It allows us to capture everything we need to know about the environment and/or the object. Once we have completed the 3D scan, our team will then show the environment or object in a 3D representation. Finer details such as measurements can also be shown as required.

With this valuable information, your design ideas can then be applied to give you a real-life representation of your project. Working alongside our design team, you will be able to tweak and adjust your plans before moving into the production phase.

Using 3D technology can speed up your project delivery timescales, as well as reduce design errors and project costs.

How we use 3D Scanning

3D scanning allows us to record location information, explored via a web interface. Survey data can then be downloaded for further study and processing without the need to be physically present. We can take this data to drop users into a VR version of the scanned location. Also, a 3D model of each scanned location taken with the camera has a 360º image which is very useful for research surveying.

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