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What did we do?

In order to help understand the activity taking place on their website, we used the traffic monitoring tool ‘Hitwise’ to create personas around the different demographics visiting the site.

We then qualified this with data taken from Google Analytics so that we could provide actual on-site insights into ‘who’ makes up the traffic, what they are purchasing and how they are engaging and converting.

What the data established

The information gathered from Hitwise and Google Analytics identified that five main groups make up the majority of traffic and conversions on edwin- We then looked deeper into where these visitors are coming from, what their buying habits are and how they like to be communicated with.

When it comes to the Modern Domestic Influence group for example, we identified that a huge amount of the traffic Edwin receives from them is driven by Facebook. Combined with the fact that they also like to browse using their phone, we concluded that reaching out to this group via Facebook mobile advertising is a very effective method of reaching them.

“Even as an international brand, Edwin needs online to inform and to generate sales. Big Group Performance has worked closely with us to provide powerful data analysis and amazing ROI on all our search activities. They are at the cutting edge of digital marketing but they’re easy going people who are always happy to help.”


The five groups our data identified include:

  • Part-Time Working Students – this group is made up of part-time students aged between 18 and 24 who are also in employment.
  • Metro High Flyers – this group consists of ambitious and highly educated professionals who are renting expensive apartments in highly commutable areas of major cities. They are aged between 25 and 34, do not have children and aren’t looking to start a family in the near future.
  • Modern Domestic Affluence – this group comprises of affluent professional couples between the ages of 35 and 44 and they may or may not have children. They have established careers and live in pleasant homes in attractive city suburbs or exclusive boroughs.
  • Bank of Mum and Dad and Uptown Elite – these are well-off families with adult children who still live at home or are in education. They will therefore still be benefiting from continued financial support. They are high-status professionals who are likely to purchase for themselves or their dependents.

Who buys what?

When product transactions are relatively indexed against the number of visits, we can see which age groups are purchasing specific items and how many of them. It was important for us to identify this so that we could measure product conversions and, in turn, the product selections which are appealing to each of the groups.

Using this information, we could also determine that:

  • Female visitors show an increase in revenue and transactions in Q4. This suggests that they are buying Christmas presents for a male they know.
  • The 25-34 age group has the widest breadth of product conversions and the product selection appeals to them the most.
  • Male 25-34 Metro High Flyers and 35-44 Modern Domestic Affluence show the highest visits and transactions. The older demographic converts much stronger, perhaps due to a more established income.
  • Bank of Mum and Dad and Uptown Elite 45+ are the highest converters but the lowest number of visitors. The data indicates that they are making purchases for the 18-24 group. Peak purchasing times are in July and November, suggesting that they could be making purchases during university holidays and Christmas.
  • Part-time working students show a higher visit percentage in Hitwise than Google Analytics so perhaps merge with the 25-34 age group. These lower age groups convert the least which is probably due to income levels.

What was the outcome of these insights?

The data collected over the last 18 months has enabled Big Group Performance to increase Edwin’s paid search ROI by more than 680%. Acquisition costs were also reduced at the same time by more than 90%.

We have also been able to use online and offline data to ensure that Edwin’s expansion across Europe has been successful. In Germany, for example, recent launches have witnessed monthly increases of up to 800% uplifts.

We are currently working on promoting Edwin throughout France, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands and additional regions across the UK.

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