Turn raw data into actionable, business-level intelligence

Until recently, social media performance has largely been measured by likes and followers. While this information is helpful and can provide a rough indication of performance, it provides little knowledge about your brand’s social ecosystem. Synthesio provides a fully scalable, metrics-driven methodology which allows you to reliably measure everything you’re doing on the social web.

Here at Big Group, we understand that the modern marketer is driven by data and metrics and this means that access to comprehensive audience data in real-time is an absolute necessity. Synthesio ensures that we’re delivering actionable KPIs and ROI metrics to drive smarter, faster decision-making. What’s more, it also allows us to focus on the people and conversations that matter – making it easier to track online reputation and manage consumer relationships.

Synthesio provides the tools to take conversations from the social web and convert them into information that can fuel smart, data-driven decisions across your organisation. You can:

  • Find out what your customers, prospects and fans are saying
  • Enrich social data with robust information about social audiences
  • Measure the impact of your social activities to drive brand growth
  • Scale insights across the organisation

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